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Peter Godfrey
I’m a journalist for Australasian Lawyer. I’m interested in all the latest news and trends in the legal industry, and would love to hear your thoughts.

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'​No firm offers what we do': Big 4 accounting firms

PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young explain the service offering they forecast to steer clients away from traditional firms to their legal services, following similar comments by Deloitte and KPMG

India’s new PM – A fresh chance for firms?

Under current regulations, foreign firms cannot practice in India, but the election of a new prime minister has many firms excited that this may change – and Australian firms would be uniquely positioned to take advantage

Senior in-house counsel becoming ‘disengaged’

Times are tough for senior in-house lawyers, but opportunities remain plentiful for others

​Your MBA : Worth the cash and time to a busy lawyer?

Spending long evenings after long days at work, slaving over text books and online modules and paying top dollar for the privilege isn’t many people’s idea of fun. So does an MBA on your CV really get you where you want to go?

Indonesia emerging as a key regional hub

More legal work is flowing out of our northerly neighbour to firms around the region as PPP infrastructure projects there spike. But who are the big winners?

This time it's different: accounting firms renew assault on legal services market

The Big Four accounting firms have now all declared they are planning to get big fast in the Australian legal marketplace. Haven’t we heard this all before? Yes, but this time they say it’s for real, and the numbers are starting to back them up

Mills Oakley CEO explains ‘material difference’ driving firm’s rampant growth

Mills Oakley’s growth has outperformed most firms, amid a substantial increase in revenues and a nearly 60% expansion in partner numbers over two years. Firm CEO John Nerurker tells Australasian Lawyer what is propelling such growth and what the firm plans to do next

The two things every successful boutique firm does

Most boutique firms have a clear mandate; it’s a question of how closely they stick to it that determines how much work they successfully keep away from their mid- and top-tier counterparts

Canberra ‘dog-eat-dog’ as lawyers eagerly await budget

Next Tuesday’s budget is expected to see the government announce wide ranging funding cuts – but does that mean lawyers will be seeing less work too?

Firms seek competitive edge in infrastructure boom

The two latest billion dollar infrastructure sales are further proof that the sector will deliver highly lucrative work for lawyers in years to come, a leading infrastructure partner has told Australasian Lawyer