Hannah Norton

Hannah Norton
A former daily news reporter and editor of a community newspaper, Hannah juggles working as a journalist for NZLawyer and HRD Singapore with law school, with a specific interest in media law. When she is not reading judgements and textbooks she enjoys surfing, tumbling and going to the gym.

Contact her via email: [email protected].

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Insurance lawyers affected by disaster dip

Despite the number of Christchurch cases ramping down, New Zealand’s insurance lawyers can expect to remain busy, writes Hannah Norton.

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Partner profits over $500k

New Zealand law firms are reporting profit margins in excess of 30 percent, according to new survey results.

Lighter Side: Moral quandary in Chinese bar exam

Question: Would you save your girlfriend or your mother from a burning building?

Breaking News: Partner ‘oversight’ held unsatisfactory conduct

A partner in an Auckland firm has been censured after being found guilty of unsatisfactory conduct, prompting the Law Society to reiterate the importance of professional standards.

Slam dunk for firm

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New player for NZ travel market

Two top-tier NZ firms have advised on a deal which will see Australia’s largest network of franchised travel agents come to New Zealand.

Opportunities for firms in change

Change provides an opportunity to become more commercially relevant to clients, a partner of a major NZ firm says.