Stress – The hidden threat in every workplace

Stress – The hidden threat in every workplace

This report busts the ‘stress means success’ myth. Stress, rather than being an inevitable response for anyone who is busy and successful, should be regarded as something that is integrally linked to overall health. The lifestyle choices of your employees therefore can and will impact their susceptibility to feeling stressed.

This GCC Insights report shines a light  stress, revealing that workers who boast packed diaries, late nights at the office, and back-to-back meetings could actually be the least productive - not the most successful - employees in your organization. These findings are based on an extensive population of 160,000 employees from around the world and across all industries, all of whom who took part in the GCC and completed the program’s pre-event and post-event surveys. They serve as a stark reminder that workplace stress is having a chronic and escalating impact on performance across every employee population. 

Find out why:

  • One in every three employees (36%) reported feeling above average stress levels
  • Only 63% of stressed workers reported above average productivity, which means over a third of those stressed-out workers are struggling to perform at their best.
  • How you can equip your employees to better cope with and respond to pressure in a positive way is one of the most important things your organisation can do – both for your people and for your bottom line. 

GCC Insights draws upon the latest aggregate health information and outcomes shared by the 1.8 million employees that have successfully completed the GCC’s award-winning health and performance program. The results reported in this study have been independently verified by Paul W. Fombelle, PhD, Riesman Research Professor and Assistant Professor of Marketing Northeastern University Boston. 


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