How artificial intelligence in law firms maximises efficiency

Artificial intelligence in law firms can revolutionise how legal teams service their clients by improving efficiency and document management security.

How artificial intelligence in law firms maximises efficiency

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One of the main challenges of the legal industry is the substantial time and expense it takes to store, locate and secure client information - not to mention tracking this time to ensure it’s billed correctly.

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With artificial intelligence (AI), you can effectively manage data and optimise processes in a fast-paced legal environment. In fact, AI is a key legal tech solution, and those using it are more confident about their future, with more ambitious international growth plans than those who don’t use artificial intelligence in their law firms.

The main benefits of artificial intelligence in law firms

1. Secure digital archiving

The legal sector relies heavily on physical documents, with the average law firm employee using around 25,000 sheets of paper annually. This reliance on physical files leads to human error, misplaced documents and storage challenges, along with security risks like theft and unauthorised access, plus the limited ability to track or audit document trails.

Ensuring compliant and secure file storage is crucial but difficult with physical documents. With AI-driven document management, you can securely organise contracts, case files, notes, letters and emails to protect sensitive client information. With AI-powered digital archiving, your firm can:

  • Ensure version control through revision-proof archiving
  • Securely integrate existing IT applications
  • Meet compliance checks for document retention
  • Track access and usage of documents
  • Lock access to certain files to particular individuals or teams
  • Securely destroy documents in accordance with privacy policies
  • Implement redundancy measures to ensure regular data backups
  • Easily audit processes to ensure continued compliance with government regulations

2. Efficient data processing and retrieval

AI can help you rapidly search a large database for specific information. Intelligent capture software ‘reads’ documents, identifies key information and correctly names, distributes, files and uploads them to the appropriate location with the right metadata. This makes digital databases searchable via keywords or phrases.

AI can also speed up document processing in legal mailrooms by automatically reading even handwritten letters and uploading them to the correct case folders – all at the push of a few computer keys. Rather than waiting days for the information to be processed, you can quickly work on case files and respond to clients.

3. Accounts payable & invoicing

AI can automate invoicing by rapidly processing documents and recognising certain information such as invoice numbers and customer numbers. Once the document has been ‘read’, AI automates the approvals process, reducing the time your accounting team spends chasing people around the office. This increases data accuracy while lowering invoice processing time and cost, allowing your staff to focus on more strategic, high-value work that improves results and customer satisfaction.

The legal sector must adapt to stay competitive and meet client demands. Implementing AI in law firms boosts security, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Discover how Kyocera’s tailored legal services solutions can enhance your firm's efficiency and support your journey into the future of law.

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