Conveyancing made easy

Technology’s impact is obvious everywhere around us, particularly in the modern workplace. Lawyers are facing increasing challenges as they need to keep pace with the demands of clients for faster and more cost-effective work.

Conveyancing made easy

By: Staff, LexisNexis NZ

Technologys impact is obvious everywhere around us, particularly in the modern workplace. Lawyers are facing increasing challenges as they need to keep pace with the demands of clients for faster and more cost-effective work.[1] Efficiency is an important part of an evolving industry which technology is effective in providing. Having the right technology at your fingertips is vital to the success of the modern law firm.

  • Conveyancing is done by specialists for clients who need property title transfers. It is a finicky process, with several important steps requiring attention to detail, good mathematical skills as well as efficient reporting skills – all completed according to strict deadlines.
  • Clients want the best from conveyancing practitioners, and demand high quality services from specialists as well as competitive rates.
  • Clients want to have comfort and confidence that their files will be managed with care and confidence.
  • Conveyancing is often a high-stakes area for clients, and practitioners have a duty to provide the best service possible.

Conveyancing, although profitable, has components that practitioners describe as drudgery. Removing this drudgery from day-to-day tasks leaves practitioners in control of things they actually find interesting.[2] LexisNexis New Zealand is bringing conveyIT Maestro, a cloud-based conveyancing software solution, to practitioners who deal with conveyancing and property sales.

In the modern workplace, the benefits of conveyancing software cannot be overstated. With clients expecting fast-paced workflows as well as low costs, a product like conveyIT Maestro enables practitioners to save time and maximise efficiency.

The growth of products like conveyIT demonstrates how technology can be effectively leveraged to:[3]

  • streamline your business;
  • grow your client-base;
  • increase productivity through ease of use;
  • minimise human error by managing conveyancing deals, documentation and deadlines; and
  • mitigate risk within their workflows.

conveyIT Maestro is an automated cloud-based conveyancing system with workflow processes designed:[4]

  • by experienced practitioners,
  • to simplify the complexity of tracking conveyancing deals and documentation
  • to manage difficult deadlines.

With conveyIT, you will never miss a task or key date again.

conveyIT Maestro comes from a rich foundation after the property team at Gibson Sheat realised running conveyancing transactions through an automated workflow product would enhance conveyancing services. This expert market knowledge meant the development of a product that is now run as a web-based application which can integrate with modern file management systems.[5]

Keeping conveyancing tasks organised in a web-based application takes the worry out of document management. conveyIT Maestro is easy to use with various impressive features[6]:

  • A dashboard provides clarity by allowing you to manage and forecast your workload in real time by providing a daily snapshot of your conveyancing workload.
  • Deadlines for conditions and settlements due within the next seven days are obvious at a glance.
  • The matter view function simplifies how users work through each stage of the transaction.
  • A document wizard produces professional documents on custom letterhead in seconds.
  • The email wizard means documents can be sent via email from within the platform.
  • The collaborative nature of conveyIT Maestro keeps all parties informed at all stages of the transaction.
  • All tasks (individual users and others in the office) are available to view.
  • Work can be managed and reallocated to accommodate unexpected staff absences.
  • Alerts such as SMS messaging keep you in control of your processes.
  • Data with over 1000 contacts to prepopulate documents and precedents.
  • Complete cloud mobility gives users freedom to work wherever as well as being connected to the most up-to-date information and functionality.

Flexibility, mobility and efficiency are crucial to the future of legal practice. At the end of the day, conveyITs story is simple. Experienced practitioners at Gibson Sheat found an area where their processes were time-consuming, inefficient, ineffective and uninspiring. A willingness to shake up traditional work processes as well as a drive to find an efficient solution to optimise resources was the foundation of conveyIT. They used their knowledge and market research to create the foundations of what is now, sixteen years later, conveyIT Maestro.[7] The growing expectation from clients wanting to see their lawyers doing heavy lifting rather than routine work[8] is reflected in the conveyIT Maestro tool.

conveyIT Maestro can take the routine drudgery out of a practitioners day, passing on savings to the customer as well as allowing practitioners to focus on the work they find truly interesting. 

Successful legal tech seamlessly integrates with existing workflows to minimise distractions, maximise productivity and mitigate risk. conveyIT Maestro is designed by legal experts who are experienced in and knowledgeable about conveyancing and have used their existing knowledge as well as market research to create better and more flexible tools. Request a DEMO today.



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