Anna Cherkashina
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Anna Cherkashina, Associate

Anna Cherkashina

Norling Law Limited

 Level 3, Building 2, 61 Constellation Drive, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand
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Anna Cherkashina, 29, is a core reason why Norling Law has consistently earned industry recognition, including as Innovative Firm of the Year for both 2019 and 2020.

An associate at Norling Law, Cherkashina helps manage the delivery and maintains the quality of the work produced by the specialist litigation and dispute resolution law firm. She has been with the firm since 2017, consistently contributing to the practice as well as guiding junior members in providing the best service to their clients.

Prior to Norling Law, Cherkashina was an in-house counsel at a well-known solvency practice. She also has experience in the District Court, High Court, and Court of Appeal. Cherkashina’s work in unprecedented areas of insolvency law contributed significantly to the insolvency jurisprudence, and her cases were regularly cited by judges and lawyers and discussed in commentaries.

Cherkashina co-authored books issued by Norling Law – one printed on director’s Risks, and two electronic on insolvency law and business hibernation.