Turning the GC’s future vision into reality

Turning the GC’s future vision into reality

The GC’s team should play an active role in a company’s strategic and commercial activities. But the deluge of contracts and agreements that require manual processing severely restricts the impact the GC’s team can have on the wider business.

This eGuide explores how innovative contract pre-screening technology can process agreements in minutes, not hours. A risk summary report then tells the GC’s team how best to proceed and recommends next steps.

ThoughtRiver’s trusted solution, built by legal experts, allows the GC’s team to move faster, support more departments, and improve overall business performance.

  • The legal team is regularly swamped with contracts and agreements that require manual processing; a high-volume, low-value task.
  • Intelligent, automated pre-screening technology can scan contracts and ask thousands of questions to identify risks in minutes, not hours.
  • The technology enables the GC’s team to support strategic decisions by providing insightful inputs such as negotiation trends across client segments.
  • The legal team can empower quicker sales cycles for the business to get ahead of the competition and gain valuable market share.
  • Contract pre-screening technology ensures that a company’s playbook is applied consistently to each and every contract.


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