Pathway to the native Cloud

PracticeEvolve’s Pathway to the Cloud strategy helps legal firms to level up

Pathway to the native Cloud
Adam Bullion

More and more companies are shifting their operations to the Cloud, and, after a sluggish start, law firms are quickening their step to join the migration. True, this has in part been spurred by repeat lockdowns, with a need for mobility and accessibility as more lawyers work remotely. However, many legal practices were already gazing Cloud-wards long before that, and the pandemic simply accelerated the behaviours and demand, says Adam Bullion, General Manager of Marketing at PracticeEvolve.

Founded by lawyers, PracticeEvolve provides legal practice management software and has just unveiled its ‘Pathway to the Cloud’ strategy for law firms. The pathway ultimately leads to a fully browser-based Cloud solution – currently in development.

“The pandemic provided firms with the opportunity to recognise the flexibility that Cloud offers in terms of budget, accessibility and inter-operability. It’s a natural evolution of where they go next,” says Bullion.

“Often, the last remaining managed server within firms is the one holding the practice management software. Many law firms have already moved everything else to the Cloud and are now looking to remove their PMS server. They have recognised that buying into a long-term, future proofed strategy is imperative to level up their own businesses, and their expectation now is for native fully Cloud-based software”, said David Boland, Global CEO of PracticeEvolve Group, when Pathway to the Cloud was launched.

“Not only does a native Cloud solution offer law firms a cost-effective, secure approach to Cloud computing, it is also fully scalable”, adds Bullion. “We know law firms are asking for native Cloud software, but we also understand many will want to take that journey slowly and know there is a future-proof element to the process, which is what our Pathway to the Cloud provides. It’s a stepping-stone strategy offering a way to adapt your existing software to the Cloud, while transitioning you towards a full end-to-end Cloud solution at your own speed.”

At the strategy’s launch, Boland commented it was incumbent on PracticeEvolve as a legal software provider to deliver on law firms’ native Cloud needs. “But in parallel we’re ensuring that our products created prior to mainstream adoption of Cloud are fully optimised to take advantage of what Cloud has to offer, particularly location independence and mobility.”

Bullion goes on to explain how this will work in practice. “The first step on the pathway is to offer firms cloud hosting options for their existing desktop applications, followed by access to mobile applications and key third-party integrations. We are also working on an out-of-the box, ready-to-go Cloud practice management solution set to launch in Australia by the end 2021. This product will service the mid-tier market in Australia whilst we continue to build our fully browser-based Cloud solution– EvolveCloud – which will be in high demand from the mid to top tier firms, particularly those that require a high level of customisation and workflows.”

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