Madison Marcus

Madison Marcus is a multi-disciplined law and advisory firm committed to delivering premium legal and business services. 

We proudly represent and advise major companies, banking institutions, government organisations and industry groups, successfully bridging the gap between business issues and the law. At Madison Marcus, we empower our clients by distilling legal complexities into clear-cut solutions and successful commercial outcomes. 

As early pioneers of fixed fee and event-based billing, it is deeply entrenched in our culture to challenge traditional paradigms of service delivery. Our outcome-based approach aims to deliver cost certainty, transparency and enhanced risk management. 

The trust our clients place in us is something that we work very hard to earn and maintain. We pride ourselves on consistently providing high-quality advice, clear channels of communication, and fast response times. 

Where possible, we utilise our diverse expertise to pre-empt any issues our clients may face due to legislative change or as a result of the ever-changing economic landscape. 

With offices located in capital cities throughout Australia, as well as a Shanghai office and affiliate firms in the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East, Madison Marcus is ideally placed to support clients whose businesses extend across Australia and beyond. 

Madison Marcus is the sole Australian representative firm in the Grand Compass Law Alliance, a renowned legal services network, initially established by 14 of China’s leading legal firms, which has grown to become a global collective of select top tier firms. This exclusive international legal affiliate network allows us to provide to our clients unrivalled pathways for Australian business investment in the increasingly dominant Asian market. 

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Madison Marcus