Workdynamic Australia

Workdynamic Australia is a specialist employment and workplace investigations practice with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The firm offers legal advice, workplace investigations, training and alternative dispute resolution services in all areas of the workplace.  

Workdynamic was established in 2013, and is led by a team that brings together decades of experience at Australia's leading law firms. By providing truly flexible workplace solutions for individual team members, Workdynamic has created a work environment that fosters excellence in the provision of legal services. With 28 specialised lawyers servicing clients across the country, the firm is large enough to deliver top quality service and support, whilst ensuring that clients are provided with personalised and responsive services.  

Workdynamic are a recognised market-leader in workplace investigations, committed to supporting some of Australia's largest employers within the public and private spheres in creating and maintaining engaging and productive workplaces. By prioritising a low cost and accessible model, clients are able to proactively manage employment and workplace incidents in the early stages to minimise legal exposure and costs.

Company Name:
Workdynamic Australia